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Celebrity Crush

When the B horror movie CHAIN-FACE CLOWN was released in 1985, no one knew the film would one day become a classic, heralded as a cinematic tour de force – Well, at least by a select group of horror movie fans. The film’s biggest fan, 29 year-old EMILY LYNESSA always knew she was going to meet and fall in love with JONATHAN BLAKLEE, mid 40s, the star of CHAIN-FACE CLOWN. For Emily, Jonathan is the perfect soulmate; no other male compares to him. She has idolized him and the film ever since she can remember. Emily has collection of CHAIN-FACE CLOWN memorabilia that would impress even the most ardent fan. But, there is one item she has yet to attain – The real life, breathing Jonathan Blaklee.

Movie: Celebrity Crush

Rated: Not Rated

Genre: HorrorThriller

Director: Oliver Robins

Actors: Alissa Schneider, Eddie Craig, Jonathan D. Lee, Melissa McNerney, Oliver Robins, Sage Croft, Wade Williams

Views: 170

Date of Release: 2019-07-21


Duration: 91 min

Year of Release:

IMDb: 4.9