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It Follows

After carefree teenager Jay sleeps with her new boyfriend, Hugh, for the first time, she learns that she is the latest recipient of a fatal curse that is passed from victim to victim via sexual intercourse. Death, Jay learns, will creep inexorably toward her as either a friend or a stranger. Jay’s friends don’t believe her seemingly paranoid ravings, until they too begin to see the phantom assassins and band together to help her flee or defend herself.

Movie: It Follows

Rated: R

Genre: HorrorThriller

Director: David Robert Mitchell

Actors: Bailey Spry, Daniel Zovatto, Jake Weary, Keir Gilchrist, Lili Sepe, Maika Monroe, Olivia Luccardi

Tagline: It doesn't think, it doesn't feel, it doesn't give up

Views: 235

Date of Release: 2015-02-04


Duration: 100 min

Year of Release:

IMDb: 6.8