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The Kiosk

Alexandra has come to help out her mother, who sells newspapers in an upmarket Paris neighbourhood. From discovering the trade to the complicity that grows with a rogue’s gallery of characters, Pianelli chronicles the world as it is. Like in a child’s dream, playing shopkeepers … but the printed press and local shops are in a state of crisis, and things prove to be more complicated than planned!

Movie: The Kiosk

Rated: N/A

Genre: Documentary

Director: Alexandra Pianelli

Actors: Aliénor de Nervaux, Christiane Rémoleur, Damien Fourmeau, Gérard Jacq, Islam Asraful, Marcel Cierniak, Marie-Laurence Fay

Views: 110

Date of Release: 2020-06-11


Duration: 76 min

Year of Release:

IMDb: 7.4

The Kiosk