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When the Fever Breaks

Faced with the zombie apocalypse overrunning her town, Skye and her few remaining friends seek refuge in the only remaining house not swarming with zombies. However, when a zombie slips past and infects Skye, she must now fear her friends who see her as a threat along with the zombies fighting their way in. With only two hours before she turns, can Skye find a way to survive for her daughter’s sake or must she accept her fate?

Movie: When the Fever Breaks

Rated: N/A

Genre: Horror

Director: Tymaine Clay

Actors: Chadwick Armstrong, Dylan Wayne Lawrence, Genevieve Gearhart, Kruiz Mauga, Ryan T. Husk, Shaun Paul Piccinino, Violet Smith

Views: 117

Date of Release: 2019-10-20


Duration: 65 min

Year of Release:

IMDb: 3.3

When the Fever Breaks