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Will Reading

Wendy (Katie Weigl) is preparing to host an evening at her home for friends, during which they will read an addendum (Codicil!) to her dead husband’s will. Her husband’s twin brother (Jamie Insalaco), his college roommate (Dan Conrad) and friends (Greg Vorob, Marc Seidenstein) all attend to find out exactly what Will left them in his – will.

Movie: Will Reading

Rated: N/A

Genre: Comedy

Director: Jamie Insalaco

Actors: Dan Conrad, Greg Vorob, Jamie Insalaco, Katie Weigl, Marc Seiderstein

Tagline: CreativeJamie.com presents the most fun you'll ever have while sitting quietly in a room.

Views: 83

Date of Release: 2020-08-28


Duration: 82 min

Year of Release:

IMDb: 4.5

Will Reading